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By: Loanclose Staff

The topic of personal loans has been on the rise lately and it looks like this new type of financial service will only get more popular in 2020. With more traditional lenders moving their lending operations online, and the demand for personal loans growing it can be difficult to determine which lenders are offering the best Texas personal loans.

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Not all lenders are the same. Their offers are not all the same as well, different lenders carry different APR ranges, different minimum, and maximum loan amounts, and they all have different fees associated with their loans as well as different ways of determining your interest. Some of the major online lenders might also not be able to lend in your state, that being said, it is important when looking for a personal loan you research different lenders find the lender’s specifications you prefer, or you could let us handle it and connect you with a lender online in minutes in Texas here. Get pre-approved rates from the best lenders in Texas in minutes.

Lender APR Range Available Terms Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount

About personal loans offered in Texas

Personal loans are unsecured loans that can be acquired completely online. These newly popular loan types are typically between $1,000 and $100,000 and can be used to fund any major purchase. Being that these loans are unsecured there is no collateral required. Theses types of loans are paid back in monthly fixed installments so you know when receiving your loan exactly how much you will pay back each month and for how long. Personal loans are also funded quickly, with some lenders even offering funding directly into your checking account as fast as same business day (this time range varies lender by lender).

What determines your personal loan rate in Texas?

Lenders look at multiple data points when determining your eligibility for a personal loan in Texas. Once they determine you’re eligible for a personal loan, they then undergo a process called “underwriting” this is where they determine the assessed risk of giving you a loan. Once a process that relied heavily on human interaction, underwriting can be done in a minute with little or no human interaction at all. During the underwriting process your data is pulled and compiled, some of the data lenders commonly look at includes:

    • Credit score (this is a large factor)
    • Credit History
    • Debt-to-income ratio
    • Employment
    • Alternative factors (ex. your education)

By looking at these factors, lenders are able to determine your perceived risk, which will then determine your interest rate on your personal loan.

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